In the United States, fitness has evolved from a fad to a lifestyle, offering a bright future to gym owners who choose to follow this path. In the USA, fitness and gym franchises typically make $4 billion in revenue annually. Due to relaxed limitations at retail shopping malls for gyms, health clubs are displacing retail stores in large shopping centers. Fitness centers have gained a lot of popularity among US parents and children, in addition to drawing in adults aged 20 to 64 who wish to maintain a healthy, fit appearance. Have you ever considered opening a franchise for a gym? If so, choose the concept from our list of the top 10 gym in USA

The top 10 gym  in  USA are listed below.

Establishment: 1992
Since 2004, franchising
More than 100 franchise units globally
Initial outlay: from $151,000 and $4,217,000
Fees for royalties: 4–6%

Train at UFC Gym In a secure and enjoyable setting, several techniques produce an encounter that yields long-lasting results right away. The UFC Gym Signature Club, Core, and Class franchise formats are available. Franchise sites provide MMA-style youth programs, group fitness courses, private training, and group training. The majority of facilities include a retail area, cardio and strength equipment, heavy bags, and a functional training area.

top 10 Gym in USA
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Established in 2009
Launching franchises in 2011
Units of franchise: Over 450 Investment Range: $136,000 – $198,000 Worldwide
Monthly royalties: $997.

There are more than 600 Fit Body Boot Camp locations in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. It is a fitness franchise. The company offers 30-minute exercises that incorporate high intensity interval training, which consists of cycles of cardio, strength, and resistance training, along with warm-ups and cool-downs. The most reasonably priced, lucrative, and revolutionary fitness franchise is Fit Body Boot Camp, which is also incredibly simple to start and run.

Top 10 Gym in USA
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Established in 1965
Since 1980, franchising
Over 550 franchise locations worldwide
Starting capital: $2,218,250 to $5,000,500
Five percent is the royalty fee.

One of the best workout facilities is Gold’s Gym, which has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Being the unchallenged global leader in fitness over the previous 47 years comes with perks, and partners are invited to share in the spoils of their achievements. Franchisees manage the health club facilities and, through their Pro Shops, offer licensed Gold’s Gym gear.

Top 10 gym in USA
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Established in 2001
Incorporated in 2002
Over 4,000 franchise locations worldwide
Range of Investment: $107,524 – $722,796
Monthly royalties: $449 to $549.

The world’s fastest-growing fitness chain, Anytime Fitness, invented 24-hour coed fitness. More than 2000 clubs are run by Anytime Fitness worldwide. Actually, Anytime Fitness is the co-ed fitness franchise with the fastest rate of growth worldwide. Additionally, Franchise Business Review awarded Anytime Fitness a “Top 50 Franchisee Satisfaction Award” for the fifth year in a row. Security technologies that let members into the clubs when they’re unstaffed allow Anytime Fitness locations to remain open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Top 10 gym in USA
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Established in 2003
Since 2004, franchising
1300+ franchise units worldwide
Range of Investments: $160,000 to $320,000
Monthly Royalty Fees: $529.

Snap Fitness is the health club chain with the fastest rate of growth in the world, with more than 2500 locations worldwide in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, England, Egypt, and India. Snap is a more financially viable substitute for conventional {big box} fitness clubs, with significantly higher returns on investment and reduced operational expenses. Snap Fitness, a global leader in fitness franchises, focuses on giving members the greatest tools, advice, and value-added services to help them reach their goals.

Snap Fitness
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Establishment: 2008
Franchise: as of 2013.
200+ franchise units
Range of Investment: $56,072 to $121,673
6% of royalties go to

In-home personal training is offered by GYMGUYZ, where instructors deliver all the equipment needed for an excellent workout right to the client’s house. In the fitness sector, GYMGUYZ was the first to establish a new category: at-home personal training. One of the reasons their franchise is growing so quickly is because of this.



Established in 2014
Franchise as of 2015
150 franchise units
Starting capital: between $284,350 and $497,150
Royalty charges: 7%

With more than 200 locations planned to debut in 2020, CycleBar is the world’s largest network of Premium Indoor Cycle Studios. CycleBar is the FIRST and ONLY premium indoor cycling fitness concept available as a franchise. It was developed to TAKE ADVANTAGE of the awareness and demand that already exists in every market and to offer business owners the chance to enjoy a remarkably high margin venture that is comparatively easy to run. The first and only genuinely premium experiential fitness concept available for franchising is CycleBar.

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Establishment: 1976
Having franchises since 1982
200+ franchise units
Starting capital: $762,200 – $3,212,500
Royalty fees: $1k per month.

The American exercise facility World Gym International also sells accessories, sports bags, water bottles, nutrition products, apparel, and accessories for the gym. Under its typical World Gym program, which is outlined in the franchise agreement, the franchisor gives the chance to either open and run a brand-new World Gym fitness facility or transform an existing fitness center into a World Gym brand fitness facility.

World Gym Office Photos
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Established in 1999
Since 2005, franchising
156 franchise units
Range of Investment: $555,500 – $996,400
Monthly royalties: $499 and above.

Workout Anytime clubs provide cardio, personal training, tanning, and other services to assist anyone in reaching their fitness objectives. They are available twenty-four hours a day. Investing in a gym franchise with Workout Anytime is a great opportunity to get into the growing fitness market and launch your own company.

Workout Anytime Franchise

Establishment: 2007
Launching franchises in 2009
Over 700 franchise locations worldwide
The investment range is $133,200 to $91,600.
Monthly royalty fees: $550.

9Round clubs offer a 30-minute circuit-training program that incorporates boxing and kickboxing fitness training techniques. Under the supervision of a personal trainer, patrons rotate among nine distinct exercise stations. In the fitness sector, the 9Round Fitness Franchise Opportunity is unorthodox. 9Round fitness business ownership is a fulfilling and lucrative endeavor.

Franchise Kickbox fitness centers 9Round


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