Who is Stefania Maracineanu? Google Pays Tribute To Stefania Maracineanu On Her 140th Birthday Anniversary

Who is Stefania Maracineanu?

Most of the people don’t know about Stefania Maracineanu so in this article we will cover everything about Stefania Maracineanu.

Early Life Of Stefania Maracineanu :

Stefania Maracineanu was a radioactive researcher. When she was 25 years years old she was graduated in physical and chemical science digree in 1910. She was really a bright student from childhood.

After completing her digree she started her career as a teacher in Central School Of Girls in Bucharest.

Stefania Maracineanu Research In Radioactivity :


During this time period she got a scholership from the Romanian Ministry Of Science and after that she parsue graduate research at the radium Institute In Peris.

Stefania Maracineanu was researching on radioactivity as the same eliment find by her professor Marie Curie. She was doing phd on polonium eliment.


After completing her phd in physics she got into the Sorbonne University Peris.


Mărăcineanu also works on several projects like finding artificial rain.

Mărăcineanu also studied different topics like earthquakes and rainfalls, she also became first person to report that there is significant radioactivity in the epicenter leading up to in earthquakes.


She never get global recognition for their researchs but she was really deserves it.


Google Doodle 18 June :


So today is Ștefania Mărăcineanu 140th Birthday, she was a Romanian Physicist. Google pays a respectful tribute to her by making a doodle. It’s also a sign that women are never weak and they can do anything if everyone support them.

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