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What is MetaEx Trading

MetaEx is a trading platform developed by metaex company in 2014. This platform is not registered but from a long time it’s running and it’s a trusted platform. MetaEx can be use to trade in different crypto currencies like bitcoin ethereum and many more.

MetaEx is not commenly used by a large audience wordwide but it is going popular in upcoming years.

MetaEx has some difference things in it like it has affiliate programs for users and also have level programs.


How do you use MetaEx?

For a beginner it’s hard little bit to understand but if you learn from a expert then you will learn in 1 week and make money.

The user interface is very good and you can trade for 30second and 60second and also schedule your trade. Follow these steps to get started with MetaEx.

1 – Create Your Account

Firstly when you open the app it will take you on a login / sign up page so for a new user you need a invitation code ( you can ask to your friend who tell you about ) so after putting your personal information it will open the main inter face.

2 – Deposit Usdt In MetaEx 

You will need a binance account or you can take some usdt to learn from your friends and get started. MetaEx will give you a deposit address and open your binance account and buy some usdt there then go to diposite section fill us disposite address and it will add in your MetaEx account now you can trade easily.


What Is MetaEx Affiliate Program?

So metaex also gives their users affiliate program where you can earn 1% rebate to new users if they use your invitation code. The more user you add the more rebate percentage you earn from lower level users.

What is unlimited teir of 1 %?

If your invited friends invite more people then you will also get 1% rebate from them.

How to become a MetaEx affiliate

So there are some recruitment to become a MetaEx affiliate. You should 5000 + followers on any social media account ( YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

For Crypto Communities

Financial leaders or opinion leaders with a community of 500+ members on one or more community groups (Telegram, Facebook, WeChat, Reddit, QQ, VK).


Business / Organization

User base of 2,000+

Market analysis platform with 5,000+ daily visits.

Industry media platform

Crypto fund

Aggregate trading platform

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