Scarlett Johansson Upcoming Movies 2023 : Release Date

Before knowing the upcoming movies of Scarlett Johansson let’s take a look of her journey what she had done.
Scarlett Johansson, her real name is Scarlett Ingrid Johansson and she was born on 22 November 1984 now in 2022 she is 47 years old.
She is not only a good actress but also a good singer. She really get much success in her life she got many awards and also get a name in Forbes for top paid actress in world in 2014-2018.

Where Scarlett Johansson live :

Everyone wants to know where Scarlett Johansson lived so she lived in Manhattan City of New York. Manhattan is highly populated city of New York. She is dedicate to become an actress from her childhood there is a big reason behind this because she belongs from a Hollywood Actors family.
She started acting in early age and performed in some stage shows.

Scarlett Johansson First Movie :

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She was debuted in North movie in 1994 and this movie is a comedy fantasy movie.And this movie nominated in Spirit Awards. This is the first movie where Scarlett Johansson started her journey.

Scarlett Johansson Upcoming Movies :

So two mcu stars Scarlett Johansson and Chrish Evans will appear in Apple’s upcoming project “Artemis”. Apple tv didn’t announced the characters of these two stars yet. This is not the first time for both working with each others. After Avengers : Endgame Scarlett and Evans is going to work in “Artemis” the fact is Scarlett will produce this movie.

Who will direct Apple Tv new project “Artemis”.
Jason Batman.

Scarlett Johansson

Apple purchased this project in $100 million dollars.

Apple Tv is working on another project with Johansson that’s is Sebastian Lelio’s upcoming movie “Bride”.

When will Artemis release?
So Apple Tv didn’t share any news about Artemis’s release date but soon they will announce it.

2 – The Jungle Book

This is an animation movie of Scarlett Johansson which will come on 2023. Scarlett Johansson will give her voice to Kaa character. This movie is in development from 2016 and didn’t completed yet.


Release Date – February 2023
Directed By – Jon Favreau
Produced By -Kevin Feige
Casts – Haley Joel Osment, John Goodman, Mae Whitman, Bob Joles

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Do you know About Scarlett Johansson’s Tattoos?

There are many tattoos on her body we will post another article on her tattoos and will tell you about what they means and why Scarlett Johansson made so much tattoos on her jody. Here are some photos of  her tattoos.

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