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To keep our life good, as other things are needed, in the same way our literature also has more minorities in our lives.

The most entertaining thing in literature is dance. Dance is such a literary art which has a different importance in our life.

Dance is the best way to express one’s feelings and emotions that arise immediately.

Today we are going to talk about some such great dancers who have entertained us so far with their dance.

1. Kathryn McCormick

 Kathryn McCormick

Kathryn McCormick is an American dancer. She is a very beautiful and attractive looking dancer, her moves have increased her popularity all over the world.

Due to this, the number of her fans is also increasing day by day.

Kathryn McCormick started dancing at the age of 3, after which she joined the Dance Academy.

Her husband and she released a documentary “Like Air ” also in 2015 which gained popularity all over the world.

Birth – 7 July 1990

Birth place – Augusta , Georgia

United States

Spouse – Jackob Patric

Profession – Professional Dancer


2. Beyoncé


Beyoncé is a great dancer who is counted as one of the best dancers in the world. And along with her dance, her voice has also gained a different popularity. Her fans like her style very much and her moves make the world crazy.

Beyoncé has also entertained her audience by acting as an actress in several Hollywood movies.

His moves are very famous all over the world, due to which his popularity is very adhi all over the world.

Birth – September 4 1981

Birth place – America

School – st. Marry Elemnetry School

Debut – Film Carmen

Profession – singer , Song writer


Height – 169 cm

Weight – 62kg

Eye Colour – Black

3. Agapia Savitskaya

This is a Russian dancer. Her moves are very famous all over the world, the name of her dance category is Tribal Flusion Dance. in which it has now become proficient

She started dancing since childhood, in which her parents also supported her.

The number of her ans is very high in the world and her moves are making everyone crazy.

Birth- June 3Rd 1987

Birth Place –


Profession- singer dancer

Height – 168 Cm

Weight – 52 kg

Eye colour – Dark BrBoutella

4. Sofia Boutella

Sofia Boutella is considered one of the great dancers born in Algeria.

She started dancing shortly after her birth and in a few days both She and her family left Algeria and France.

Sofia Boutella first started out as a street dancer and then in a local group, but her dance moves became increasingly popular, and she got a chance to appear in films and television.

This is the reason why today Sofia Boutella is counted among the best dancers in the world.

Birth – 3 April 1982

Birth Place – Algeria

Profession – dancer Actor Model

Eye Colour – black

Height – 150 cm

Weight – 50 kg

Parent _ Safety Boutella


5. Oksana Rasulova

Oksana Rasulova a great dance. There are very few people who know in their childhood what they have to do later.

Oksana Rasulova’s name comes in those people who understand their career long ago, she recognized her inner art in her childhood. She did Bharat Natyam in the beginning of her dance career and performed as a choreographer in 2001.

Today She is counted among many famous dancers of the world.

Birth- 12 December 1982

Birth Place – Azerbaijan

Profession- Dancer, Actor

Eye Colour – Black

Weight – 45 kg

Height – 149cm


6. Mahire Emet


Mahire Emet is a Chinese dancer. Apart from being a dancer, she is also an actor and singer. Due to this art of her, popularity has increased more in the world. Due to her beautiful and attractive appearance, she is counted as one of the most beautiful women of China. The number of her fans is very high and she keeps the curiosity of her audience with her moves, her voice and her acting.

BIrth – 2 March 1985

Birth place – China

Profession – Dancer Actor Model

Height – 145Cm

Weight – 48 kg

Eye colour- Black


7.’Black Angel’ Varda Martyrosyan

Varda Martirosyan is a Ukrainian dancer who has gained popularity due to her looks and good looks. He was born in a big family, the number of her sisters But she recognized the art inside him and she chose dance for his career, initially she was on the back stage of many dance groups. Then she tried her career in the role of singer, in which she also achieved a lot of success.

She married Alexander Kvasov in 2009.

Even after that, she continued to work in her career and is winning the hearts of her fans with her art.

Birth – 3 March 1985

Birth place – Amrmenia

Education – the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts) and a physical education

Profession – Actor Dancer Singer

Height -168 cm

Weight – 50 kg

Eye colour – Brown


8. Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is an American dancer. Along with being a dancer, she is also a good artist, she also acted in many films in her life, due to which she gained a lot of popularity.

She first learned jazz and ballet dance and decided to do caoreography in it.

After this, she also played the role of an actress in many dramas and in many movies. Her fans are crazy for her acting and acting.

BIrth – 28 November 1984

Birth place – Rocky Mount , California America

Profession – Actor , Dancer , Singer

Height – 159 Cm

Weight – 49 kg

Eye colour- Dark black


9. Didem Kınalı

This is an Turkish dancer. After taking his early education, she left his school and started her hand in the field of dance. Complete information is not available about hee what she did during her youth, but at this time she made her career as a belly dancer.

This actress, who injured everyone with her performance, has also performed on the backstage during the days of her debut, but her dance talent did not let her remain hidden for long and today she is one of the world’s greatest dancers.

BIrth – 6 June 1986

Birth place – Turkey

Education – Turkey school of Elementary

Profession – Dancer , Actor

Height – 159 Cm

Weight – 45 Kg

Eye colour – Black


10. Sofya Skya

This actress, who has made the world crazy with her moves and performances, is counted as one of the best dancers in the world.

She initially learned the art of jazz dance and then went on to make her career as an actress in Hollywood.

Talking about her dance career, she has participated in dance reality shows of many countries and has won them, after which she also worked in Hollywood films as an actress and a choreographer.

Her popularity is all over the world and the number of her fans is increasing day by day.

BIrth – 12 August 1987

Birth place – Leningrad, RSFSR, USSR [now St. Petersburg, Russia]

Education: Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet

Profession – Actor ,Dancer , Choreographer

Height – 158 cm

Weight – 48kg

Eye colour- Dark blue

Spouse: Sergey Veremeenko (m. 2006

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