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Study in New Zealand Admissions, Scholarships, Financial Aid, Visa – Learn Everything Here

New Zealand has an amazing advanced education framework. The nation has eight colleges altogether, which are all remembered for the main 500 in the QS World University Rankings 2018. Notwithstanding these colleges, there are 18 innovation and polytechnic foundations. These establishments assist understudies with creating professional abilities through more reasonable and active encounters.

Generally speaking, in the Education System Strength Rankings of 2016, New Zealand put sixteenth. As a somewhat little country, with a populace assessed at 4.7 million, this is a huge accomplishment. Top caliber in instruction is accomplished through the execution of the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF).

Perhaps the most appealing elements of advanced education in New Zealand is the class size. Classes are little, which takes into account undeniable degrees of coach/understudy connection and tutoring.

Why Study in New Zealand

New Zealand offers global understudies a great encounter. With its pleasant scene, interminable open air experiences, amicable local people and trustworthy instructive organizations, New Zealand is a fantastic decision for undergrad and postgraduate investigation. Contingent upon your decision of area, lively urban areas, open air pursuits and social trips will guarantee your life outside of college is pretty much as occupied and different as your investigations!

New Zealand Culture and Lifestyle

New Zealander’s are notable for their laid back way to deal with life and are internationally viewed as an inviting and amicable country. Rugby is a tremendously significant piece of the way of life in New Zealand. It is instilled in its general public and culture, and New Zealand is known to have a considerable lot of the world’s most very much respected rugby crews.

Maori culture is likewise a major piece of life in New Zealand. Maoris are the native individuals of New Zealand and their way of life impacts the everyday life there. The Maori language is likewise present in New Zealand, and you might hear a similar spot alluded to by two unique names – the Maori name and the English name.

In contrast to different nations, New Zealand is isolated into two sections; the North Island and the South Island. It is feasible to go between the two, regularly by a 3 ½ hour ship ride. The biggest urban areas are Auckland and Wellington in the North Island and Christchurch in the South. In 2017, Auckland was positioned eighth on the Global Liveability Ranking 2017, scoring 95.7 out of 100.

Top New Zealand Universities

In the QS World University Rankings 2021, the eight New Zealand colleges that positioned in the worldwide top 500 were:

• Auckland University of Technology

• Massey University

• Lincoln University

• University of Waikato

• University of Canterbury

• Victoria University of Wellington

• University of Otago

• University of Auckland

The University of Auckland

This is New Zealand’s most elevated positioning college, accomplishing 85th spot in the QS World University Rankings 2021. As the biggest college in New Zealand, it has an understudy populace of more than 40,000 understudies; 7000 of whom are worldwide understudies from 120 nations all throughout the planet. The college, situated in the harbor city of Auckland, has been casted a ballot one of the main 30 best understudy urban areas by QS in 2017.

College of Otago

Known for being New Zealand’s first college, Otago was set up in 1869. Otago University is in the city of Dunedin, the second biggest city in the South Island. The college is globally rumored for its greatness and positioned at 175 in the 2021 QS World University Rankings. There are more than 195 undergrad and postgraduate courses accessible across Health Sciences, Sciences, Humanities and Business.

Victoria University of Wellington

Situated in Wellington, Victoria University is positioned as the main college in New Zealand, and regularly positions among the world’s best colleges. In the 2017/18 QS World University Rankings, it set 219th, while additionally getting a five-star University rating across each of the eight classes surveyed. Top subjects to learn at Victoria incorporate Law, Archeology, English, and History, which are completely positioned in the main 100 of the QS World University Rankings by Subject.

Because of its area, the college benefits from its nearness to and relations with the public authority, worldwide offices, ecological associations, and examination foundations.

Mainstream Courses in New Zealand

College Degrees

• Graduate Diploma in Information Technology

• Graduate Diploma in Animation

• National Diploma in Science

• Graduate Diploma in Lab Technology

• Engineering

Postgraduate Degrees

• Post Graduate Diploma of Computer Graphic Design

• Master of Business Administration

• Master of Professional Accounting

• PG Diploma in Agricultural Science

Global Students

Expenses for International Students

In contrast to different spots all throughout the planet where expenses are more norm the nation over, educational expense rate in New Zealand is set by singular foundations. Consequently the charges fluctuate enormously and are reliant upon the establishment at which you are contemplating, just as the subject that you pick. For the most part, degrees in human expressions and sociologies are least expensive, with science and designing projects costing more.

Educational expenses for unfamiliar understudies are more noteworthy than those for homegrown understudies, in spite of the fact that there are events when charges for worldwide understudies are dropped, for example, on PhD programs. For global understudies, educational expenses regularly range somewhere in the range of NZ$22,000 and NZ$32,000 for four year certifications and NZ$26,000 to NZ$37,000 for postgraduate courses. Notwithstanding, a dentistry or medication degree can have expenses of up to NZ$75,000. These charges are per annum.

A few colleges likewise charge an extra expense for understudy administrations and organization costs. The University of Otago, for instance, charges NZ$798 per understudy.

For full subtleties on educational expenses at all New Zealand colleges, visit the Te P?kai Tara site for additional data.

Worldwide understudies should demonstrate that they can monetarily uphold themselves when concentrating in New Zealand. To do this, understudies should have NZ$1,250 each month for an investigation period in New Zealand of under nine months and NZ$15,000 in the event that they will stay in New Zealand as an understudy for more. This should be notwithstanding the sum needed for educational expenses and bring airfare back.


New Zealand offers an assortment of grants for worldwide understudies wishing to concentrate there, some of which are given by the public authority. Grants vary contingent upon your own nation of home, the subject you wish to consider and the level at which you will examine.

Top Scholarships to Apply for in New Zealand

While there are a Number of Awards accessible, here is a rundown of a portion of the top grants you might wish to apply for on the off chance that you choose to concentrate in New Zealand:

• Fulbright New Zealand US Graduate Award: This grant is for US understudies needing to consider a postgraduate or examination program. The degree can be at any New Zealand college and covers any field or subject. This grant upholds understudies with the expense of educational cost, living, airfares and the sky is the limit from there.

• New Zealand Foreign Affairs and Trade Scholarships: This grant is accessible to understudies from the Pacific and South-East Asia at undergrad or postgraduate level. It gives full subsidizing to understudies to cover a scope of living and contemplating costs.

• New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships: This grant goes on for as long as three years for global understudies on PhD programs. This grant is granted to understudies dominating in their scholarly examinations. Full educational expenses and all living expenses are covered.

There are additionally college explicit freedoms that you might wish to consider:

• ? Auckland University of Technology: This college offers a Number of Awards for worldwide understudies.

• ? Lincoln University: Scholarships for different subjects and study levels are accessible. See the site for additional subtleties.

• ? Massey University Doctoral Scholarship: Scholarships for global doctoral understudies.

• ? Southern Institute of Technology: Scholarships accessible for global understudies.

• ? College of Auckland International Student Scholarships: Scholarships for all degrees of study.

• ? College of Canterbury: Various grants accessible for worldwide understudies.

• ? College of Otago: A Number of Awards for postgraduate investigations.

• ? College of Waikato: The International Excellence Scholarship, granted in light of scholastic greatness for both homegrown and worldwide understudies learning at all levels.

• ? Victoria University of Wellington: various freedoms are accessible for global understudies.

Low maintenance Work and Making Money in New Zealand

The understudy visa for worldwide understudies in New Zealand permits unhitched male understudies to work for a limit of 20 hours while concentrating during term time and full time in occasions. Postgraduate understudies, reading for a Master’s certificate or PhD, are allowed to work for a limitless number of hours of the week consistently.

Living Costs in New Zealand

Living expenses in New Zealand are genuinely sensible. While more costly than concentrating in Asia, it is less expensive than going to college in the UK or US. Global understudies concentrating in New Zealand would by and large need around NZ$25,000 each year if spending cautiously on a tight spending plan. You should expand this spending plan on the off chance that you will in general discover planning hard or favor a more rich way of life!

The significant urban areas, like Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington, do accompany a greater cost of living. While these urban communities rank as more reasonable than New York and London, you ought to be ready for expanded living expenses in case you are wanting to concentrate there. Lodging costs in Auckland, for instance, will be around NZ$150-300 and food costs around NZ$80-100 every week.

Numerous convenience alternatives are accessible to global understudies in New Zealand. Lobbies of home are accessible, just as private convenience to lease or then again, in case you are worried about missing your family or passing up home prepared suppers, you might consider a homestay. On the off chance that you pick a homestay, you will be set to live with a family neighborhood to the space, and they will give the entirety of your dinners to you. This will without a doubt offer you a credible New Zealand experience.

Understudy Visa

The understudy visa necessities for worldwide understudies relies upon the measure of time you are anticipating concentrating in New Zealand. In case you are there for under 90 days, you will actually want to remain in the nation and complete your examinations on a guest visa. On the off chance that you will remain for over 90 days, you should apply for an understudy visa. For this visa, you should, first and foremost, secure a college situation. The public authority then, at that point requires proof of adequate assets for expenses and living expenses, health care coverage, the accommodation of late visa photographs and clinical proof (for a stay of more than a year). Confirmation that convenience has been coordinated is needed for understudies under 18. Understudies from Australia don’t need an understudy visa.

To make an application, either visit your nearest New Zealand Immigration association or apply on the web. The visa application isn’t free, and its expense relies upon the country wherein you apply from, in spite of the fact that you can get a rebate in the event that you apply on the web.


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