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Scarlett Johansson shows that her abdomen is not flat in an act of self-love

Thanks to her participation in movies like Avengers, Black Widow, Marriage Story, Lucy and more, Scarlett Johansson has earned a very special place in Hollywood. The 37-year-old actress has not only become a complete dream for millions of people around the world, but she has also inspired thousands of women by showing her love for herself.

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The artist is extremely sure of herself, and although she is aware of her beauty, Johansson applauds her imperfections and shelters them along with her qualities, because that is what makes her a real woman.

Scarlett shows that her abdomen is not flat is an act of self-love


Like any other woman, Scarlett Johansson has stretch marks, cellulite and an abdomen that is not flat, details that do not steal her beauty, quite the opposite! The actress is not afraid to appear natural, so this summer she decided to enjoy the beach and show off her figure as she is. Her goal was to convey a message of self-love and self-acceptance, in addition to remembering that her body has no flaws, but completely natural human characteristics.

The Hollywood star was photographed on the coast of the Hamptons by the paparazzi, wearing a red two-piece bikini and enjoying a sunny day with her family.

Thanks to these photographs, Johansson generated a wave of positive comments on social networks, in which her self-love and natural beauty are highlighted.

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