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Job Opportunities For SSCE Holders In Nigeria

A more prominent level of Nigerians populace are the adolescents (age range). Larger part of these adolescents has the senior school authentications.

The senior school testament is granted to all understudies who have gone through the six classes in the Nigerian optional educational system. After the last, most important tests, this authentication is granted to all understudies.

Because of the way that, the vast majority of these understudies can’t progress past this stage in their schooling, in view of the expanded degree of destitution in the country. Some of them may choose to utilize this testament to get occupations.

Open positions For SSCE Holders In Nigeria

We will examine this chances dependent on areas of the economy

Schooling Sector

There are heaps of chances for SSCE holders in any territories of Nigeria in the instruction area. This reaches from low maintenance to full-time dependent on accessible opening such establishments gives.

A portion of the open positions are accessible in schools; from the essential, auxiliary and tertiary establishments.

Opportunities Include

  • Class chaperons
  • Cleaners
  • Security
  • Door men
  • Drivers
  • Receptionists
  • Secretaries and so forth

This open positions can be effectively gotten to by any candidate having the SSCE capability. It is deserving of note that there are a lot of schools from public and private, who utilize this class of candidates as often as possible.

Wellbeing/Health Sector

In contrast to the instruction area, the wellbeing area is somewhat cutthroat with promising circumstances for the SSCE holders. Reasons being that there is an ability necessities for the greater part of their representatives.

However, there are still some open positions that any SSCE holder can land easily.

The chances are accessible in any of this foundations; Hospitals, facilities, essential medical care habitats, drug stores and so forth

Opportunities Include

  • Door men
  • Drivers
  • Securities
  • Cleaners
  • Office chaperons and so forth

Any SSCE holder can successfully deal with any of the positions recorded above absent a lot of management.

Monetary Sector

The monetary area is an extremely interesting area altogether. Along these lines, there is a ton of range of abilities and capability needed to get some work.

Open positions accessible here is for the SSCE holders are extremely restricted, however it doesn’t imply that there is non accessible.

Having a SSCE capability just probably won’t be sufficient for a portion of the open positions we will list here.

Now and again, there is an age prerequisites and different components that will be thought about before you can securely get some work in this area in Nigeria.

Employers in this area incorporate Commercial banks, Micro money banks, Agricultural banks, Lending houses, Revenue assortment organizations and so forth

Opportunities Include

  • Gatemen
  • Securities
  • Cleaners
  • Conveyance staff
  • Drivers

A significant degree of demonstrable skill will be needed from candidates and representatives. A few times, preparing is led for the candidates.

Farming Sector

This is the place where the goldmine is. There are bunches of open positions in the agrarian area in Nigeria for SSCE holders. This is on the grounds that the majority of the abilities expected to do assignments in this area can be effectively gained.

Since the Nigerian government is contributing more on farming and people are additionally going into horticulture, the chances accessible here is developing continuously.

Managers in this area incorporates; crop ranches, animal homesteads, agro partnered organizations, ornamentals and so forth

Opportunities Include

  • Farm Workers
  • Securities
  • Drivers
  • Vendors
  • Assistant
  • Cleaners
  • Conveyance work force
  • Office partners
  • Secretaries
  • Advertisers and so forth

As there is an expanded need to take care of ourselves as a country, open positions in this area will likewise increment.

In case you are thinking that it is hard to find a new line of work in different areas, I will counsel you to evaluate any agric related work. Have confidence, you will track down a solid match for yourself

Hospitality Sector

This area is following farming intently as far as expanded open positions and is developing consistently.

There are loads of open positions in the friendliness area, because of it’s temperament and the speed at which organizations spring up and their appropriation the nation over.

Note that, a large portion of he work necessities required here are not muddled and some don’t have a predetermined expertise needed to perform errands.

Bosses in this area incorporate; hotels,motels, bars, eateries, quick food varieties and so forth

Opportunities Include

  • Drivers
  • Securities
  • Office aides
  • Janitors
  • Room orderlies
  • Cooks
  • Entryway/Gate men
  • Barkeeps
  • Cleaners
  • Receptionists
  • Servers/Waitresses and so on

The uniqueness of this area is that, as there is an expansion in clients, there is an inclination for an increment in staffing. This is on the grounds that, the interest for a rapid help conveyance will be high and this can be accomplished when there is a lot of staff to take care of clients all the while.

General Sales

This is one of the promptly accessible area as far as open positions for SSCE holders in any piece of Nigeria.

Opportunities in this area are not excessively assorted, but rather on account of it’s spread, anybody can without much of a stretch be utilized. The expertise for the most part required in this space is that of basic number-crunching and record keeping.

Managers in this area incorporate; Supermarkets, shopping centers, arrangement shops, and any business outlets.

Opportunities Include

  • Salesman
  • Vendor
  • Securities
  • Advertisers and so on

The idea of merchandise sold will be a significant determinant of any range of abilities that may be needed from a worker/candidate.

Communication Sector

The correspondence ventures likewise contributes fundamentally to the work of SSCE holders in Nigeria. This area extends open positions to this class of occupation searchers the nation over.

However the greater part of their opening includes undeniable degree of abilities and encounters, which are for the degree holders. There are a few opportunities that the SSCE holders can in any case fill and convey successfully.

Employers in this area incorporates; Radio stations, TV stations, Newspapers, Magazines, Network suppliers, and so forth

Opportunities Include

  • Gatemen
  • Secretaries
  • Office colleagues
  • Merchants
  • Advertisers
  • Cleaners
  • Securities and so forth

A large portion of the businesses in this area will utilize SSCE holders to fill a portion of the positions we have illustrated previously.

In Summary

Having the senior school certificate (SSCE) can helpfully find you a Work in Nigeria. Regardless of whether you need the work as a method for survival or you need it to help your educational aspirations