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Fully Funded Japan Scholarship

Completely Funded Japan Africa Dream Scholarship: The new Japan Africa Scholarship (JADS) Program is presently accessible for all new African understudies to seek after two years ace degree program. This is a completely financed grant accessible to concentrate or study in Japan.

This Japan Africa Scholarship (JADS) Program – limit working in energy area through abilities improvement for practical advancement is a joint drive by the AfDB and Japan that targets giving two-year grant grants to exceptionally accomplishing African alumni understudies to empower them to go through post-graduate investigations (for example a two-year Master’s certification program) in need improvement regions on the landmass and abroad (remembering for Japan).

This JADS program is financed by the Government of Japan. The overall objective that the AfDB and the Government of Japan tries to accomplish is to upgrade abilities and HR improvement in Africa in various need regions relating to science and innovation with an uncommon spotlight on the energy area.

JADS’s targets are lined up with the Bank’s High 5 plan (for example Light up and power Africa, Feed Africa, Industrialize Africa, Integrate Africa and Improve the personal satisfaction for individuals of Africa) and key Japanese advancement help drives to Africa and the sixth Tokyo International Conference for African Development (TICAD VI) results.

Indeed, in case you are keen on applying for this grant there not many significant things you need to have at the rear of your psyche.

What can a candidate do before the call?

Peruse data posted on this site and audit qualification standards cautiously.

Apply to at least one of the JADS chose advanced education college programs.

Start gathering required documentation for the grant application, including: your present educational program vitae, verification of work for each record of work since acquiring a Bachelor’s certification, and affirmed duplicate of the authentication of your most developed college degree procured.

Distinguish two expert references.

If it’s not too much trouble, note that application rules that give nitty gritty application guidelines will be posted on the authority site during the open call.

I should disclose to you this, the grant is an extremely aggressive one , so in the event that you going to do this you should need to do it right.

What You Need To Know About The Fully Funded Japan Africa Dream Scholarship

The JADS Program is available to candidates from AFDC part nations with important expert experience and a background marked by supporting their nations’ improvement endeavors who are applying to an advanced education program in energy advancement and related discipline. The program doesn’t give grants to some other advanced education program.

The grant program gives educational cost, a month to month living payment, full circle airfare, medical coverage, and travel recompense.

Endless supply of their investigations, the recipient researchers are relied upon to get back to their nations of origin to apply and disperse their recently obtained information and abilities, and add to the advancement of manageable improvement of their nations.


The grant is available to graduate understudies who wish to seek after an experts degree in number of need regions relating to science and innovation with an uncommon spotlight on the energy area.


This grant is to be taken in Japan. so in case you are making arrangements guarantee you are additionally ready to fly out of the nation however there is a choice of taking the grant in need advancement regions on the continent.The decision is yours to make however at that point if take the choice of concentrating abroad here is a couple of tips on the best way to get an examination visa in Japan.

Tips on the most proficient method to get an investigation visa in Japan

In case you are intending to read in Japan for over 90 days you’ll have to get an understudy visa. Very much like any movement method getting a visa includes a great deal of structure filling, application preparing and excursions to a forcing looking consulate building.

Fortunately the Japanese understudy visa is perhaps the simplest visa to get.

Stage 1

Picking a school

Every Japanese language school has their own environment and course structure, so you will need to discover a school that accommodates your examination style. At GaijinPot we work intimately with all our accomplice schools to ensure that we track down the right school for you dependent on your language level, study propensities and which city you need to concentrate in.

Stage 2

Comprehend the application interaction

Round out the request structure at GaijinPot Student Placement Program.

Complete the understudy visa application structure that we ship off you.

Present every one of the necessary reports (see beneath) to the GaijinPot Student Coordinator by the application cutoff time.

Whenever we have gotten every one of the necessary reports, we will send everything to the school.

The school will then, at that point present the visa application to the Immigration Bureau in Japan for your benefit.

Be patient as it takes 2-to-90 days for Immigration to support a visa application and issue the COE.

When the Immigration Bureau supports your visa application, the school will send you the Certificate of Eligibility (COE).

When you get the COE, take it and the visa application structure (got from the Japanese government office in your nation), photographs and substantial identification to the Japanese international safe haven or office in your city.

The Embassy will give you the genuine understudy visa which can take somewhere in the range of 3 – 7 days.

You are currently possessing a pristine Japanese understudy visa!


What is a COE and for what reason do I require it? The Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is a report, given by a local movement position to show that the individual applying meets the conditions for arriving in Japan. Essentially it’s a primer visa screening measure; the progression before the genuine advance of applying for an understudy visa to enter Japan. The Japanese government endorses the COE, and the neighborhood office supports the visa.

Stage 3

Set up every one of the archives required for the COE

Understudy Application Form

When you apply to the GaijinPot Student Placement Program our Student Coordinator will send you the understudy application structure.

To build your chances of being acknowledged by the Japanese Immigration Bureau you should attempt to be pretty much as point by point as could really be expected. Particularly for areas disclosing why you need to come to Japan. You should compose here as much as possible!

Eight indistinguishable ID Photos (4cm high × 3cm wide)

Photographs should show a reasonable and full front perspective on the understudy’s face from the lower part of the jaw to the highest point of the hair against a plain foundation. Try not to wear shades or caps, or have any other individual in the photograph. The rules likewise say that your eyes and ears ought to be obviously apparent.

Ensure the photograph is in shading, taken inside 90 days preceding your application accommodation. Photographs should be true visa photographs, taken at a particular ID photograph stall and imprinted on photograph paper. Paper-printed photographs won’t be acknowledged. (Tragically, Snapchat selfies are not acknowledged.)

Visa copy

Duplicate of the Photo/ID and Signature page of your visa. Assuming you have been to Japan before, you ought to likewise duplicate any past passage and leave stamps.

Scholastic reports

Confirmation that you’ve moved on from school. Generally your certificate and official record are important.

Confirmation of monetary practicality

The Japanese Immigration Bureau requires all visa candidates to demonstrate their capacity to help themselves, including paying for educational cost, living expenses, school charges and different costs while in Japan.

The sum fluctuates relying upon your school’s educational expenses, time of stay in Japan and your living conditions subsequent to showing up in Japan, yet it is prescribed to show admittance to a normal of ¥2,000,000 or more for the initial not many months of your visit.

The archives you submit should show where the cash to pay for school and everyday costs is coming from. In case you’re supporting yourself, ensure that all records you give are under your name (as expressed in your identification). In the event that another person is supporting your visit, a letter composed and endorsed by them ought to be encased and any remaining monetary records should show their name.

You can utilize the accompanying reports to demonstrate you have adequate assets to help yourself.

Bank explanations

Pay proclamations

Monetary Aid grant letter

Grant letters

Letter of sponsorship

Note: All archives should be in one or the other Japanese or English.


Assuming you need to self-support, you ought to have around ¥3,000,000 in your ledger.

Stage 4

After you accept your COE

When you accept your COE, make an arrangement at the closest Japanese government office or office in your space to apply for the real visa.

As a general rule, you’ll need the accompanying reports:

Substantial Passport

Visa application structure from the Japanese international safe haven or office

One photo taken inside the beyond 90 days

Declaration of Eligibility – the first archive and one duplicate

Declaration of Admission – given to you by the school

Other extra records the particular department might request, contingent upon the country.

Remember to get your COE back after your visa has been given – you will require it after arriving in Japan.

Presently you realize how to apply for a Japanese understudy visa lets to the next significant data you will require in applying for the Japan Africa Dream Scholarship (JADS)


The grant is accessible for Africans who have graduated and are keen on encouraging their schooling to aces level in and outside the mainland particularly Japan.


The JADS Scholarship furnishes the beneficiary with the accompanying advantages:

Economy class air travel between your nation of origin and the host college toward the beginning of the examination program and quickly following the finish of the grant time frame.

Educational cost for an alumni program and the expense of essential clinical protection ordinarily acquired through the college.

A month to month means remittance to cover everyday costs, including books.

For researchers occupied with research, an extraordinary award might be accessible for examination and theory readiness. In extraordinary conditions, PC education, preliminary language and other comparative courses might be covered under the grant. Kindly note all JADS grants cover the length of the alumni program or two years, whichever is less.

The Fully Funded Japan Africa Dream Scholarship doesn’t cover:

VISA application(s) costs

Costs to bring as well as help researcher’s relatives;

Extra-curricular courses or preparing;

Language preparing not given by the alumni program;

Extra travel over the span of the examination program;

Costs identified with strengthening instructive materials, field trips, support in studios/courses, or entry level positions; or

Instructive gear like PCs.

Note: The JADS Scholarship may just enhancement, and doesn’t copy, some other wellspring of monetary help/cooperation you may have. Whenever chose as a finalist or then again in case you are granted a grant, you should illuminate the JADS in the event that you have different wellsprings of grant reserves. The JADS allowance might be removed totally or somewhat if during the grant time frame the program has proof of extra wellsprings of help.

Who is Eligible To Apply For Fully Funded Japan Africa Dream Scholarship (JADS)??

college. Up-and-comers ought to be 35 years of age or more youthful; healthy; with a Bachelor’s certificate or its identical in the energy region or related region; and have a predominant scholarly record. Endless supply of their investigation programs, researchers are relied upon to get back to their nation of origin to add to its monetary and social turn of events.

Subtleties on Eligibility Criteria are given in that call’s Application Guidelines, and these itemized qualification rules are completely clung to. No special cases are made.

Extensively talking, nationals of African nations must:

Be a public of an AfDB part country;

Be healthy;

Hold a Bachelor (or same) degree in the energy region (or related field) acquired no less than 1 years before the application cutoff time date;

Have 1 years or a greater amount of ongoing advancement related insight in the wake of acquiring a Bachelor (or same) degree;

Be acknowledged unequivocally to select the forthcoming scholarly year in somewhere around one of the JADS accomplice colleges for a Master’s certificate;

Candidates living or working in a country other than their nation of origin are not qualified for grants.

JADS doesn’t uphold candidates who are as of now took on advanced education programs.

Not be an Executive Director, his/her substitute, and additionally staff of a wide range of arrangements of the African Development Bank Group or a direct relation of the previously mentioned by blood or reception with the expression “direct relation” characterized as: Mother, Father, Sister, Half-sister, Brother, Half-sibling, Son, Daughter, Aunt, Uncle, Niece, or Nephew.

*Please note: All qualification models are completely clung to. No special cases are made. Qualification standards won’t change during an open call for applications. Notwithstanding, this data is liable to change between the end of one application measure and the launch of the following.

Step by step instructions to Apply For The Japan Africa Dream Scholarship (JADS)

Candidates must, in equal, apply for admissions to at least one of the accomplice colleges and apply for a JADS grant through an open call regularly declared inside the second quarter of a schedule year.

At the point when the grant application opens, the settled rundown of chose programs, the application rules, and a concluded rundown of qualification rules will be accessible on the authority site.

The grant application should be finished through the college of decision and incorporate two expert references. Note that if the candidate is conceded to a few expert degree programs, he/she should pick the one they ought to be considered for JADS financing.

Japanese JADS accomplice colleges will send shortlisted candidates to AfDB for survey and choice. JADS awardees will be welcomed for a class at AfDB Headquarters preceding their movement to Japan.

Rundown OF UNIVERSITIES FOR Japan Africa Dream Scholarship (JADS)


University Approved Program of Study Month of Intake/Deadline of Application

College of Cape TownDepartment/Address

Energy Research Center

JADS Coordinator

Prof. Harald Winkler.

Energy Research CentreMSc (Eng) in Sustainable Energy Engineering and MPhil in Energy and Development Studies

College of PretoriaDepartment/Address:

Designing 2 Building, Level 4, University of Pretoria, Lynnwood Road. Pretoria

JADS Coordinator

Dr. George Alex Thopil

Bosses in Engineering Managementhttp://www.up.ac.za/en/graduate-school-of-innovation the executives/article/35543/mem

Bosses in Technology and Innovation Management

Application cutoff time: September 2018 for 2019 partner

College of ZambiaDepartment/Address

JADS Coordinator

College of NairobiDepartment/Address

Branch of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

JADS Coordinator

Mr. Johnson Kinyua.

Experts of Science in Energy Management

Experts of Science in Environmental Governance

Application cutoff time: March to May/31st May

Kenyatta UniversityDepartment/Address

JADS Coordinator

MSc in Renewable Energy Technologyhttp://www.ku.ac.ke/schools/designing/index.php/programs/postgraduate/91-programs/287-ace of-science-sustainable power technology.html

Nelson Mandela Africa Institute of Science and TechnologyDepartment/Address

P.O. Box 447 Arusha, Tanzania

JADS Coordinator

Thomas Kivevele

· MSc in Sustainable Energy Science and Engineering

· MSc in Materials Science and Engineering – Energy materials

Application deadline:No fixed courses of events

College of Younde 1Department/Address

JADS Coordinator



JADS Coordinator

College of GhanaDepartment/AddressSchool of Engineering Sciences, Univ. Of Ghana, Legon-Accra Legon-Accra

JADS Coordinator

Prof. Boateng Onwona-Agyeman

Materials Science and Engineering – Graduate Program in Energy Sciencehttps://www.ug.edu.gh/mse/

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and TechnologyDepartment/Address

Division of Mechanical Engineering/The Brew-Hammond Energy Center

The Brew-Hammond Energy Center,

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, PMB, Kumasi, Ghana

JADS Coordinator

Dr Emmanuel W. RAMDE, Director of the Brew-Hammond Energy Center

1 Year online MSc in Renewable Energy Technologies2 Year online MPhil in Renewable Energy Technologies

College of IbadanDepartment/Address

Community for Sustainable Development (CESDEV)

JADS Coordinator

Prof. Olanrewaju Olaniyan

MSC Energy Studieshttp://cpeel.ui.edu.ng/msc-energy-considers

M.Sc. Manageable Development Practice

Expert in Sustainable Integrated Rural Development in Africa

https://cesdev.ui.edu.ng/scholastic projects

Month of admission: August

Cutoff time of use: 30thApril 2018

College of Gafsa, TunisDepartment/Address:

Workforce of Sciences of Gafsa

JADS Coordinator

Mr. Imed Basdouri

Workforce of Sciences

College of OuagadougouDepartment/Address

JADS Coordinator

Prof. François Zougmoré

School of Science and Technology

College of Felix Houphouet BoignyDepartment/Program

Address: UFR SSMT

22 BP 582 Abidjan 22

JADS Coordinator

OBROU Kouadio Olivier

Expert of Energy environment and environment The cutoff time is:April fifteenth 2018


University Approved Program of Study Month of Intake/Deadline of Application

The University of TokyoGraduate School of Frontier Sciences

5-1-5 Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa Chiba 277-8563

JADS Coordinator:

Academic partner Hiroyasu Sato

【Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, Division of Environmental Sciences】

Expert of International Studies

Expert of Environmental Studies

Expert of Sustainability Science

Month of Intake: September

Cutoff time of Application:

December 10 of the former year

Sophia UniversityDepartment/Address

JADS Coordinator:

Kohei Takagi (Mr.)

Office of Global Education and Collaboration

Green Science and Engineeringhttps://www.sophia.ac.jp/eng/confirmations/graduate_p/english_g2/gpst.html

Worldwide Environmental Studies

Harvest time

– Autumn section (September)

Kyoto UniversityDepartment/Address

Yoshida-honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501 JAPAN

JADS Coordinator

Benjamin C McLellan, Ph.D Associate Professor

Worldwide Energy Science Course (IESC)

http://www.energy.kyoto-u.ac.jp/IESC/ October intakeMonth of admission/cutoff time of use: first February

Osaka UniversityDepartment/Address

JADS Coordinator

Hiroshima UniversityGraduate School of Engineering

1-4-1, Kagamiyama, Higashi-Hiroshima, 739-8527

Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation

1-5-1, Kagamiyama, Higashi-Hiroshima, 739-8529

JADS Coordinator

Mr. Hiroaki Korekuni, International Exchange Group

1-4-1, Kagamiyama, Higashi-Hiroshima, 739-8511

[Graduate School of Engineering]

Expert of Engineering in Energy Engineering

[Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation]

Expert of Engineering in Energy Engineering

[Graduate School of Engineering]-Month of Intake: April or October

*Applicants need to enquire more detail at the Support Office of Graduate School of Engineering

[Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation]

  • Month of Intake: October

Kyushu UniversityDepartment/Address

JADS Coordinator

Joined Nations UniversityDepartment/Address

JADS Coordinator

Prof. Masafumi Nagao.

MSc in Sustainability

Grant joins

We accept that data gave is sufficient to see through the application cycle do well to impart to you companions and partners , in the event that you have ay question at all utilization the remark we will react to you ASAP.


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