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Celebrities Who Were Criticized For Wearing A Bikini, But They Gave A Body Positive Lesson

Bikinis can be frightening for some women, as they reveal certain parts of the body that may be considered unaesthetic (for example, areas with cellulite, stretch marks, or love handles). However, these celebrities do not mind showing their “imperfections” despite the criticism, as they have a body positive ideology that helps them ignore negative comments.


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#1 Camila Cabello

The interpreter of ‘Havana’ has been criticized more than once for not having a perfect body when wearing a bikini. Cellulite and a bulging stomach are the main “problems” pointed out by her haters and some media.


In this regard, Camila Cabello explained that being insecure with these aspects is already out of fashion, now she only cares about being someone real and being grateful for the body she has, since it has allowed her to achieve an incredible career.


#2 Hillary Duff

The former Disney star is also not spared from the scathing comments of the press regarding her body. In response, Hilary Duff didn’t hesitate to post a photo of her cellulite herself.


In this way, she reminded the world that it is normal for her body to change over the years and the arrival of children. In this way, she took away from others the power to judge her, a highly empowering action!


#3 Scarlett Johansson

The protagonist of Black Widow has had to put up with a lot of criticism, due to the superficiality of the industry: from sexist comments regarding her underwear, to being singled out for her cellulite.


Scarlett Johansson chose to ignore her comments, a technique that helped her not to dwell on silly opinions about her bikini image of her and focus on more relevant things. In addition, her defenders did not take long to come to light to emphasize to the haters her great talent.

#4 Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is another celebrity who was heavily criticized for gaining weight and daring to wear a bikini. However, because the actress suffers from lupus, her physical appearance is not at the top of her priority list.


Since she learned to ignore negative comments, she feels very comfortable showing off her body in a swimsuit. She’s definitely not interested in her trolls making fun of her stretch marks or her weight gain.


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#5 Danna Paola

In the case of Danna Paola, her teasing went directly to her intimate area, since the bikini she wore was high-waisted. This design is highly requested by the famous, but the haters used it as a double-edged sword against the singer.


Fortunately, the followers of the actress also did not stop flattering her; that way, her negative comments were buried. In addition, Danna did not allow the opinion of third parties to affect her and she continued to wear this type of swimsuit, because she likes them and feels comfortable with them.

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