Anokhina Liza Biography, Age, Family

Who is Anokhina Liza?

Anokhina Liza is a social media star and she has huge fan following on tik tok and instagram. She is famous for creating short videos and her tremendous photos. She has a very unique hair style with vibrant blue and she looks pretty in that look.

Anokhina Liza Age

Anokhina Liza Age :

Social Star Anokhina Liza is only 14 years old really she gained so much fam on this age and she looks mature and aged even she is just only 15 years old.

Anokhina Liza Age

Anokhina Liza Birthday Date :

Anokhina Liza is just only 15 years old and her birthday comes in 30 april 2007 she turns 15 years old in 2022 april.

Anokhina Liza House :

Anokhina Liza ‘ s birth place is Moscow Russia.

Anokhina Liza Tik Tok :

Social Media sensation Anokhina Liza who has 35 million followers on Tik Tok and 4 million followers on instagram. She probably known for her vibrant blue hair style.

Anokhina Liza Before Fam :

Everyone knows it’s not easy to make such huge stardom and fan following without working hard. Anokhina Liza is such a hard working girl and she firstly create a vlog channel on youtube and she uploaded some of her comedy videos and also vlogs she made 1 million subscribers on youtube, such a huge numbers.

Anokhina Liza Age

Anokhina Liza Family :

Anokhina Liza has two older sisters and one older brother.

Anokhina Liza full name :

Her nickname is Liza and she has instagram where she put her full name as Elizabeth Anokhina so people also called her Anokha Liza.

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