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10 women who have the most beautiful eyes in the world

Are you searching for 10 woman around the world who have most beautiful eyes? So this article is for you.

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When someone ask me what makes you love with people or what’s the attractive part in a body i clearly mention eyes which fascinates people toward the personality. There are many types of eyes find in human body like brown, blue, black, gray. Every color has it’s uniqueness and the most beautiful eyes always stands in the crowd. Eyes have many features to show expression of a human body and it’s different in every situation so in this article we are going to talk about some people in the world who has beautiful eyes and also a great fan following around the world.


10 – Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich is an American actress and also a supermodel. She is too beautiful even if we see her eyes that make us fascinate. The brown eyes of Milla makes her goddess beauty. She started her modeling career in the age of 7 years old.

Birthday – 13 September, 1975
Place – America

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9 – Charlize Theron

Really the word bombshell made for Chalize Theron, she looks attractive in every situation even if paparazzi spots her in a cafe she looks gorgeous in that situation also. She has most beautiful eyes with a green color. She never fails to impress audience by her performance.

Date Of Birth – 7 August, 1975

Place – Benoni , South Africa

Profession – Model / Actress

8 – Celina Jaitley

Celina is an Indian actress. She has beautiful eyes of brown color and she looks beautiful even Indian people come in a group of beautiful people around the world. She was also a winner of Fimina Miss India 2001.
Date of Birth – 24 November 1981
Place – Kabul, Afghanistan
Profession – Actress/ Model

7 – Kristin Kreuk

source – Pinterest

From “The Twilight Saga ” Bella never look back and now everyone around the world know her. Kristen Stewart has green eyes and a sharp chin line makes her more beautiful. Nobody can resist her with such goddess beauty.

Birthday – 9 April, 1990
Place – Los Angles, USA
Profession – Actress

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6 – Giada De Laurentiis

Firstly when i saw her the word comes from my mouth is ” Oh My God” she is too talented and beautiful. She is a chef, Television personality, writer. The true example of “Beauty With Brain”. She runs a television show named “Giada At Home”.

Birth Date – August 22, 1970

Place – Rome, Itly

Profession – Chef, Writer


5 – Elizabeth Taylor


Elizabeth Taylor has most striking eyes in Hollywood, the most common question asked by many people that what’s the color of her eyes so the color vary in lights, sometimes it appears green, and sometimes it appears violet so this is biggest fact about her. She is a mysterious woman with a striking beautiful eyes.

Born – 27 February 1931

Died – 23 March 2011

Place – America

Profession – Actress


4 – Angelina Jolie


I don’t have words to explain Angelina’s blue eyes. Not only she is beautiful but also she is talented enough and kind hearted person. The woman who wins many awards and a great human being has blue eyes and plum lips considered as sexist woman with eyes in the world.

Date Of Birth – June 4th, 1975

Birth Place – Los Angles, USA

Profession – Hollywood Actress

3 – Kristen Stewart


Kristen Stewart the beautiful lady of Hollywood, she has green color of eyes. In Twilight she wore colored contact lens. She always has a unique hair style and smokey eyes.

Born – 9 April, 1990

Place – Los Angles,California

Profession – Actress


2 – Megan Fox

source – www.google.com

Whem it comes that hottest woman with appealing lips and figure with caty eyes i told Megan Fox. She is much beautiful to steal a fan’s heart.

Born – 16 may, 1986

Place – Oak Ridge, Tennessee, United States

Profession – Actress

1 – Alexandera Daddario

Undoubtedly she has magic in their eyes it looks amazing but she was questioned many times that she wore contact lens or not. Apart her amazing and attractive figure everyone appreciate her eyes wherever she goes.

Born – 16 March, 1986

Place – Manhattan, New York, United States

Profession – Actress


Top : Aishwarya Rai


When someone asked me who has most beautiful eyes on the planet so i clearly mention Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s name. She winned the crown of miss world in 1994 and after that she became the heart beat of millions.

Born – November 1, 1973

Place – Mangalore Karnataka India

Profession – Actress

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